36.5 weeks pregnant



Oh god.  Its 31 degrees here and I am feeling it like nothing else.  I can only describe to non pregnant people, imagine cuddling a hot water bottle all day long (thats the baby) and then turn the heat up.  Its preeeeeety uncomfy.

Feet are the size of continents.  Can only fit into 1 pair of flip flops or The Husbands shoes – oh dear.  I guarantee its not a good look!

So – pregnancy update.  If ENORMOUS was a measurement, thats what the baby would measure.  I had an appointment with my consultant last week.  I told him I felt huge – ‘huger’ than at this stage with The Toddler (who packed a 9lb 4oz) – he scanned me and told me that the circumference of the baby’s tummy was 3 weeks chubbier than it should be.  So basically, I am giving birth to a small child as a pose to a baby!  Because of this, they have booked me in for induction a few weeks early.  So.  In less that a few weeks……..we will meet our new baby!

There has been MUCH nesting.  Washing, tidying, organising the babies new room.  Some things seem very easy as I have done it before.  Some things seem almost impossible – like choosing a new baby monitor.  I seem to be procrastinating about this A LOT!

I made a Vlog on Whats in my baby’s hospital bag which was fun.  I am going to try to do one on whats in my hospital bag as well.





Iron Deficiency – why is it so vital to keep iron levels topped up?

Iron.  I am talked to about iron a great deal at the moment, being pregnant, but what I didn’t know until I met the great and knowledgable team at Spatone was that even when you are not pregnant or breast feeding, iron is still a really important part of what makes bodies tick over properly.

In a nutshell, iron is needed for many processes in the body that take place all the time.  Just a couple of iron’s important jobs are – transporting oxygen around the body, converting sugar into energy, keeping a healthy immune system and much more.  If your iron levels are depleted following illness, physical stress (athletes), labour, or high stress, you can start to feel unwell with symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, low immune system.

When I was last pregnant, in my 3rd trimester, one of my blood tests showed up that I was low on iron.  I was prescribed iron pills and BOY OH BOY….I will NEVER take those bad boys again!  It caused me the most horrendous constipation and made me feel quite ill every day.  After a complicated birth and a large amount of blood loss, I was again prescribed the dreaded iron pills – I can absolutely assure you that having just given birth, no matter how easy it was…..you do not want to be worried about your bottom department or constipation!  So I found an alternative.  A natural alternative that is recommended by health care providers and is so much more gentle on your system.

spatone apple copy

So, whats good about Spatone Apple?  Its the Apple flavour.  It makes  it taste really nice!  You can drink the sachet (perfect for slinging into a handbag!) or mix into an orange juice in the mornings, either way, its a great way of taking your iron supplement.  The Spatone story is that the iron rich waters of Trefiw Wells Spa which is in the heart of Snowdonia mountains in North Wales – this is where Spatone gets its iron rich water and then mixes it with vitamin C rich apple to make a great “iron shot”.

Sorry about the weird photo.  I haven’t got makeup on and at 36.5 weeks pregnant look quite shocking! HAH


So, if you are preggers, athletic, a veggie or just in a stressful job, take a look at the Spatone website and see what it can do for you!  It is available to buy at large chemists, supermarkets and independent health food shops or you can get it online here.

On a final note, I have been taking these for roughly a month and my last blood test……they didn’t moan about my iron levels (they did the one before!).  I feel fairly full of energy (for being almost full term pregnant) and my skin seems much better than it was at this time last pregnancy.  A big thumbs up from me!

*I was given a months supply of Spatone in return for an honest review.  All words are my own.*





Kids and Bruises. Arnicare Kids Stick

When you have Toddlers you suddenly get to realise just how many knocks and bangs they get whilst exploring and playing.  The Toddler is gaining in confidence every day and so crashes and scrapes are becoming part of life.  As much as you try to prevent them!

Nelsons – arnica kids stick is natural skincare, it uses lovely shea butter (really nice and smooth mixed with extracts of arnica) to help soothe bumps.

If you are not sure what Arnica is, the is what The British Homeopathic Association says “Arnica montana is one of the best-known homeopathic remedies. It has been used for several trials to demonstrate the effect of homeopathic remedies on bruising and trauma. Indeed some plastic surgeons swear by it for reducing bruising after cosmetic surgery. Many people are “converted” to the homeopathic cause after seeing spec­tacular results with this humble herb. Arnica montana belongs to the Compo­sitae family, in other words it is a rela­tive of the common daisy.”


Thank goodness for arnica kids sticks is all I can say!  you’ll have to take my word for it – it has been a blooming life saver…..handy handbag size as well so it can go every where with you.  It has made light work of a couple of bashed knees and a forehead bump.  It doesn’t ‘feel’ like anything when applied, so it won’t upset your child – nor does it smell.  Easy peasy!


It has a screw mechanism, so it is easy to apply and you won’t get any nasty leaks in your bag either.

photoWhich means, there can be much more of this……and less worry from me!


Nelsons Arnica products are available widely at Supermarkets and Chemists, but you can get the arnicare kids stick from HERE on Amazon

The arnicare kids stick was gifted to me in return for and honest review.  All words and photos are my own.

Things to eat/drink whilst having a baby…..

My friend who is pregnant with her first baby asked me yesterday whether I was eating loads and loads.  She is about 20 weeks pregnant, I am in my 36th week.  It’s hard to explain that there is literally NO room for food any more.  Half a sandwich, a couple of mouthfuls of pasta, plenty of room for Gaviscon….and so yes, I am hungry.  But I am just hungry to eat a normal amount of food, not hungry in an out of control way!  That got me on to thinking about what I needed to pack to eat in my hospital bag (clearly I have got my priorities correct….food must come first!).  I’m not a great one for Mars Bars or other things that you can get from vending machines……so its better to take stuff yourself.  These will be my essentials.  Plus a toothbrush as if its a long labour, there is nothing worse than furry mouth!  What are your labour food essentials?


Labour Foods